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In Memoriam of Allan M. Fusco

An environmentalist since the 1970s, the last decade of Allan’s life was focused on water treatment and conservation. This included serving as co-founder and executive vice president of Save the Water™, vice president and COO of WaterPure™ Corporation, and consultant to Earth Vision Industries. During his prior 25-year career, Allan worked as a music production, marketing, and sales executive for companies such as The Seagram Company, Playboy Entertainment Group, and Spectrum Foods. He also produced the Los Angeles Garlic Festival and the Taste of Los Angeles, which were co-sponsored by the American Red Cross. Allan’s extensive management and operations experience included both the restaurant and construction industries for the design and build of restaurants across the country. Additionally, Allan owned and operated seven restaurants including jazz nightclubs spanning Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Manhattan. His Market Roastery restaurant in San Francisco was involved with the Save the Bay Project.

As a restaurateur and jazz club owner, Allan enjoyed a celebrity-studded personal and professional life. But to everyone that knew him, Allan was his own star: adventurous and big-hearted with the gift of gab only matched by his knowledge of water treatment and conservation. Save the Water™ represented his desire to have a positive environmental impact on our planet. Although not an alarmist, he spoke fluently about the issues. However, he was most interested in solutions.

In July of 2013, Allan Fusco lost his battle with cancer. Only four months prior in March, he participated in Save the Water’s World Water Day, which included the Day in the Life of a Scientist program. This required flying to Florida while interrupting his chemotherapy treatment in New York. Traveling was against his doctor’s initial recommendation. But Allan spoke so eloquently about his desire to be present with Save the Water™ that his oncologist finally gave Allan the go ahead. However, Allan probably would have boarded the plane either way. He could not think of any other place he’d rather be than near the water and working to save the water.

As a driving force of Save the Water™, Allan’s energetic presence is missed. As a nonprofit we draw on his spirit—a passion for the environment particularly water, optimism, creativity, courage, and strength. He was also the best friend anyone could have—the consummate teammate, loyal, unselfish, an attentive listener, an honest respondent, and an encourager of others to reach their potential. We are inspired by the Save the Water™ co-founders, two best friends, with a mission to conduct independently-funded projects that serve the public good.

Allan was a graduate of Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, New York and received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Management from Iona College. Allan is survived by family that he loved so dearly, foremost his sons Nigel and Shaun, Allan’s mother Jean, brother Bernie, and sister Karen.


The Allan M. Fusco Water Memorial Fund has been established to contribute to the Save the Water™ K-12 Educational Programs.

The following individuals have contributed to Save the Water™ and we thank them for their continued support:

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