Volunteer of October 2016 – Kimberly Sung

Kimberly Sung

Kimberly joined the Education Team in June 2016, since then she has worked tirelessly to keep the team together. She did this while both the Director and the Associate Director is on a LOA. I can only say she came to us at time when the team needed someone to take on a large amount of work. Even though she was with us for a short time, when she was asked to play the role of a team leader, she took this on without hesitation. She has proven herself to be an excellent team player and an excellent leader whose dedication to STW’s mission and vision shows in the quality of work she produces. In addition to her normal function of supervising her team of writers and managing the editing and updating of the Education webpages on the STW website, Kimberly has also taken on the challenges of:

1. updating the Education guide we hand out to the students in the STEM program,
2. she also works with the Publishing Team to produce great material for the website,
3. she has also taken on the duty of interviewing, hiring, and training new volunteers,
4. set quarterly objectives,
5. organize the Education team’s contribution to the 2016 fundraising efforts,
6. conducts monthly team meeting, and last but not least she also attends Directors meeting.

I can say that it is Kimberly’s dedication the Education team make it what it is today.

Nominated by: Kadeen Dennie, Group Director – Education

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