Volunteer of February 2016-Andrew Wade

Andrew Wade, Fundraising Project Leader: Grants

Nominated by : Fundraising Leadership For Volunteer of the Month,

we would like to nominate Andrew Wade, Project Leader, Grant Writing from Fundraising team.

He started his first week of training on 1st of February. Immediately after finishing his training, he has taken the bull by the horns. He worked diligently with his fellow Grant writing associates Priyanka Singhal and Kathryn McAtamney, and has already submitted a grant application on behalf of STW!.

To achieve this, he needed to understand the mission of STW, match them with open grants, prioritize, and select the one we wanted to go after. Then, he pulled resources from key personnel as well as all over the Cyber Office, created a plan to implement this team effort, held team meetings, and shared several documents to eventually assemble everything in one, very professional grant application package which was submitted. All this was done within the tight deadline the team was working against – less than 3 weeks. For those of us who are not familiar with what grant writing involves – this is incredible!

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