Volunteer of March 2016 – Taylor Schaefer

Taylor Schaefer, Publishing Project Leader: Writers
Nominated by : Neal Cornett

Publishing Group nominates Taylor Schaefer.
Taylor has proven she is prepared to volunteer for needed writing, research or editing task she is asked to support. She has been a foundational volunteer in Publishing and proves that real leadership comes from hard work and implementing ideas through working within a successful team.
Along with her regular responsibilities, in March she took on projects that will benefit Save The Water including helping Publishing stay organized and keeping volunteers excited about new team leadership. Both are huge impacts for STW communication and morale.
It has been a joy seeing how responsible she is in organizing and completing each project. She is open to suggestions from team members and helps everyone be more efficient at completing work, and how to be more targeted for STW’s mission.
She is an excellent example of the dedication, knowledge and growth that we can all admire. For these reasons and so many more we hope you support her nomination as VOM!

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