Volunteer of March- 2015 Aleksandra Kowalczuk

Aleksandra has been a huge help with many of the processes developed to support STWs organizational restructuring plan. In March, Aleksandra showed exemplary leadership. She was proactive in leading her first HR meeting (as she was recently promoted to Associate Director) showing exemplary organizational skills with the agenda and follow up. In addition, she also was the HR representative at the Director’s Quarterly Planning Meeting. Her professionalism shined and the questions she asked showed Aleksandra’s dedication to improving the HR Group for the overall health of the organization. There are many of examples of what Aleksandra has done to improve the processes for the organization. One example of what she did in March was taking the initiative to recreate the STW application into a fillable PDF format that will make it easier for candidates to fill out the form and allows STW to better collect all of the required information. Aleksandra is reliable, proactive, and a pleasure to work with.

Nominated by Kristin McGinnis

Aleksandra’s Bio

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