Volunteer of August 2015- Vida Dharas

Vida joined STW about 6 months prior. Since the last 6 months, Vida has brought in some phenomenal talent for STW. She began her career with STW in the Talent Management team, however her strength lied in connecting with people. Hence, we made a conscious decision and moved her into the Recruitment & Processing team.

During the past 6 months, Vida was given encouragement as well as coached to excel and perform higher. Vida, took all that into her stride and has come out as a winner! She has excelled not only into her current role as a recruiter, but also in taking initiatives across the organization.

We in the HR leadership team, would like to highlight some of her contribution to STW in August. As most of our volunteer were on vacation,Vida dedicated more than 60 hours this month. She recruited 9 volunteers for Publishing, Marketing, Social Media and Education Groups within a month. She was assigned to recruit for one of the most important group at the moment – Fundraising. The task is pretty hard considering it is a volunteer position and fundraising personnel usually like to look for paid jobs. Within 2 weeks she got her first volunteer on-boarded. Besides this, Vida also diligently helped our colleagues from Social Media Group to work on engagement posts attracting new volunteers to the organization. It was her idea which was taken forth and the internal referral article in the newsletter was featured.

Vida’s Bio

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