Volunteer of January 2016 – Jacob Silverman

Jacob Silverman, Volunteer Scientist Consultant
Nominated by Frank Ramos and Swati Meshram

This month from the Science team we would like to nominate Jacob Silverman. His assignment was to research the accreditation process and to get the STW laboratory ready for it. Not only has he researched the requirements, documentation needed, and identified the lab methods for the procedures; he has also reviewed the equipment we are planning to purchase to insure compatibility, and prepared the quality assurance plan. His completion of the task assigned, without any supervision, shows his commitment and professionalism as a scientist. He has gone above and beyond his assignment and has arranged a speaking engagement on behalf of STW on his own! He not only spoke of our science mission, but got in touch with our Education team and presented information about our STEM, DILOS and AquaSquad programs. He is a responsive, responsible, helpful and a pleasure to work with. We nominate him for his professionalism, taking initiative, his collaborative attitude and for spreading the word about STW!

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