Volunteer of June 2015 – Renbin Liu

Renbin Liu continues to shine as an exemplary volunteer month after month. As Project Leader for the publishers, Renbin is a great leader to the volunteer publishers and others in his Group, including the Researchers and Writers.

In June, he and Amna Warner (Research Project Leader) coordinated a publishing group meeting to catch up with the group, provide additional training, and set the group up for success through Amna’s and Renbin’s summer vacations. This was all without the supervision of a Director or Associate Director. Renbin continues to take proactive ownership of his team, overseeing 100% of the website updates in regards to Publishing. We have him to thank for our continuous SEO improvement.

May I also mention that Renbin is a high school student? This is important to note when you see the amount of professionalism that Renbin gives to his volunteer position at Save The Water.

Nominated by Kristin McGinnis

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