Volunteer of May 2015 – Nivedita Bhagnari

Nivedita Bhagnari has been an incredible addition to the management team at Save The Water. From her first day, she has put her expertise, time, and heart into the organization. In May she made some huge transformations with the Human Resource Group. She stepped in to help improve the organization’s recruiting process for long-term success and for the overall objective of recruiting volunteer candidates with skills and personalities that blend with STW’s organizational culture. Additionally, Nivedita, along with a few other colleagues, led the design and launch of the Emerging Leaders Program – a tool to help develop STW’s management. Nivedita shows exceptional attention to detail and strategy. This was shown in each of her projects in May, demonstrating that she thinks about all steps of a project before implementing, taking the time to investigate how the project will affect different teams and stakeholders, and she strategically launches each project in an organized, professional manner. Nivedita goes the extra mile in every aspect of her work. She exerts herself as a strong leader, but at the same time also as a listener and a teammate.

Nominated by Kristin McGinnis

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