Volunteer of May 2016 – Cheng Qian

Marketing is excited to share the contribution of Cheng Qian, Project Leader for Online Marketing, as our choice for STW’s Volunteer of the Month. Cheng has only been with STW since April but she has certainly hit the ground running. Along with the responsibility of building the online marketing team she has taken the lead role on the “Get Involved” section of the website project that when launched will have long lasting impacts to the success of Save the Water’s online branding and reputation.

Every project leader plays an essential role in the success of our work. Cheng demonstrates that commitment through her efforts to clearly communicate with the integrated project members to help them understand their tasks and keep the pieces of the project moving forward according to the project timeline. More than that though, she understands the three tenets of successful leadership; to lead by example, promote the team’s contribution and, most importantly, to help every team member be successful in their role.

Cheng Qian, Project Leader: Online Marketing
Nominated by: Neal Cornett

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