Volunteer of October 2015 – Mackenzie Pedroza

Mackenzie Pedroza, Marketing Team Leader

Mackenzie has been an integral part of the Marketing Group in this past month, more especially in the efforts of the CRM team. As project leader, Mackenzie has gone beyond the scope of her responsibilities by working and collaborating with others at Save The Water such as the Publishing Group. Mackenzie spearheaded the efforts that led to the deployment of our first E-mail Marketing campaign which aimed to optimize our subscriber database and thus help us deliver more targeted messages and news to all Save The Water Newsletter recipients. Mackenzie shares her ideas enthusiastically and is always looking for innovative and efficient ways to complete projects. Her continued efforts demonstrate not only her talents but her motivation to support the Save The Water mission. She is passionate about her role as a volunteer and serves as inspiration for the rest of the CRM team.

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