Volunteer of September 2016 – Kayla Borden

Kayla Borden, Project Leader: Writers
Nominated by: Dustin Pepper, Senior Director -Operations

As the Publishing team began to lose volunteers for various personal reasons all the while lacking leaders for the group in both their Associate Director positions as well as their Director, Kayla quickly took the helm of the group providing a voice on confidence and guidance. Kayla has stepped up running both the her writing team while providing support to the research team. On top of this, Kayla provided support to the marketing team in the development of materials for the Campus Ambassador program. Realizing there was a need to find a solution to the situation the Publishing Group was in, Kayla sparked a special project team to begin evaluating the processes and structure of the group to ensure that moving forward the team would be as streamlined as possible to provide the maximum amount of impact on the Save The Water mission

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