Fluoridation in Drinking Water Linked to Increased Risk of Many Cancers

A study in Journal of Epidemiology suggests that drinking fluoridated top water or water with added fluoride chemicals can increase a number of cancers including bone cancer and “cancers of the oral cavity and pharynx, colon and rectum, hepato-biliary and urinary organs.”


Phoenix Panel Decides to Continue Fluoridating Drinking Water

Phoenix will not remove fluoride from the drinking water of 1.4 million residents, a subcommittee of City Council members decided Tuesday.


Portland, USA – Fluoride – Don’t contaminate our world-class water.

As Portlanders, we are passionate about our drinking water, which is some of the world’s best.
Protecting our right to clean water is something that brings us together.
It’s not surprising that Portlanders have rejected three attempts to fluoridate our drinking water.


Water contamination and chemistry news: Wastewater and antibiotic resistance [Chemistry Views,Chemical & Engineering News]

Water chemistry news: Wastewater and Antibiotic Resistance,Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Killed In Wastewater and Redesigned Antibiotic for Antibiotic-Resistent Bacteria


Save the Water™ June 2012 Newsletter New Home Page, New Water Research and Education 101 [ With 1st Annual Internet Fundraising / Sponsorship Campaign Information ]

Save the Water June Newsletter


Contaminated drinking water news: NEERI develops indigenous process to reduce high fluoride in water content.

The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI) developed an indigenous and economically viable process to reduce high fluoride content in potable water, which would have a domestic and community applications.The chemo-defluoridation of potable water with high fluoride content is achieved in collaboration with the Mumbai-based Rajeev Gandhi Science and Technology Commission, and can be used for reduction of fluoride concentration from 5-8 mg/L to < 1.0 mg/L (miligram per litre). The process does not affect the palatability of water.


Fluoride news: Fluoridation to end this summer Okotoks: Council approved program to prevent tooth decay [Western Wheel]

Okotoks’ drinking water will be free of fluoride sometime this summer.

Town council voted 6-1 in favour of a bylaw to remove fluoride from water in town last week, while also deciding to work with Alberta Health Services to create a program to help prevent tooth decay for those most at risk in the community.


OKOTOKS: Canada Fluoride News: TOWN COUNCILLORS WANT ORAL HEALTH PROGRAM IN PLACE [Okotoks:westernwheel.com]

Okotoks is close to removing fluoride from water issue is on hold until later this month. concerns linger whether a proposed oral health program will go ahead.


Water education news: Questions and Answers about water pollution – water shortages – water contamination – What are some facts about water? – 100 water facts you may not know.

Facts About water. Over 100 facts. Some you may not know


Drinking water news: Fluoride – Questions and Answers – What are the true facts about fluoride and your health?

“it is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.”


Drinking water news: Fluoride news USA – Palisade eliminates fluoride from drinking water – Fluoride burns your skin, burns your eyes but we drink it.

Aspen’s tap water will continue to contain fluoride, but at a lower concentration.Fluoride burns your skin, burns your eyes but we drink it


Sewage Right to Know ! Groundbreaking Legislation /sewage system will undoubtedly collapse

One of the greatest scourges facing our society is overpopulation especially in densified urban centres and the associated ability of service infrastructure to meet the growing over-demand for capacity. Sewerage is one of those critical service issues, and to add to the sewage system overload, is the grave risk that high demand and incapacity place on the environment and to human health with leaks and spills. In addition, aging infrastructure does not hold well when literally weighed down.

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