Massive Sulfuric Acid Spill in Australia

People living near hazardous waste sites that contain sulfuric acid are at greater rick of exposure by breathing contaminated air than is the general public. Breathing sulfuric acid mists can result in tooth erosion and respiratory tract irritation.


Major Water Bodies in Goa Contaminated: GSPCB

GSPCB chairman Jose Manuel Noronha said that while monitoring water bodies, the board has established the presence of faecal coliform of 90MPN (most probable number) in most water bodies. In normal case, water should have zero MPN for drinking purpose. He also said that the rivers must have got contaminated because of sewage discharge from animals as well as human.


Germany’s Mineral Water: Setting the Standard

Germany, as well as numerous other European countries, is known for its stellar drinking water. There are over 450 brands of German bottled water.

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