It’s Time to Change How We Think About Gray Water

By Stephen Venneman, Staff Writer and Researcher for Save The WaterTM | June 20, 2019   Introduction With increasing populations comes increasing demand for fresh, potable water. Much of that water comes from underground aquifers and is typically tapped by wells. The wells reach the water, but they also strain the natural resources around them. […]


What Phosphate Mining Spills Do to Drinking Water

By Stephen Venneman, Staff Writer for Save The Water™  May 21, 2019 Although phosphate mining’s industry leaks from massive, radioactive waste threaten to pollute the Floridian Aquifer, the aquifer is one of the most productive in the world. In fact, the Floridian Aquifer provides drinking water throughout Florida as well as parts of Alabama, Georgia, […]


3 Surprising Ways Scientists Are Helping to Save Coral Reefs

By Rachel Porter, Publishing Project Leader for Save The Water™ | April 30, 2019 Close your eyes. And imagine a diverse ecosystem. Teeming with life, color, plants, and animals. Did you imagine a rainforest with flowers and monkeys? Or maybe a mountain range with bears and bugs? What about coral reefs? Coral reefs are among […]


Race to Slow Ocean Acidification: An Approach Toward Restoration of Natural Water Balance Using Sea Grass

By Bhanu Agarwal, Publishing Staff Writer & Researcher for Save The Water™ | May 17, 2018 Ocean water faces many threats. One such threat is acidification, which has many harmful effects on marine species. As a result, the field of ocean acidification research is rapidly expanding.1 This research has led to better understanding of the […]


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