5 Area Water Systems Fail To Monitor In 3rd Quarter

Five public drinking water systems in Taney and Stone counties have been reported by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources as “chronically” failing to complete testing required by law.


‘Miracle Tree’ Substance Produces Clean Drinking Water Inexpensively And Sustainably

A natural substance obtained from seeds of the “miracle tree” could purify and clarify water inexpensively and sustainably in the developing world, where more than 1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water, scientists report. Research on the potential of a sustainable water-treatment process requiring only tree seeds and sand appears in ACS’ journal Langmuir.


Pennsyvlania Groups Warn of Nuclear Plant Dangers to Drinking Water

Nuclear plants in the U.S. and abroad are putting drinking water sources at risk, two Pennsylvania environmental groups claim. The groups pointed to the a continuing nuclear crisis in Japan that originated with last year’s catastrophic tsunami as an example of a nuclear power plant that impacted drinking water supplies thousands of miles away.


China Cadmium Spill Threatens Drinking Water For Millions

A cancer-causing cadmium discharge from a mining company has polluted a long stretch of two rivers in southern China, and officials warned some 3.7 million people of Liuzhou in the Guangxi region to avoid drinking water from the river, state media reported on Friday.


Clovis Sues Dow, Shell Oil Over Fouled Water

Clovis is suing two chemical manufacturing giants over the toxic remains of a farm fumigant found in drinking-water wells around the community of nearly 100,000 people.

The case will be watched closely by other San Joaquin Valley cities also suing over the same contamination. Clean-water advocates fear this powerful and unregulated chemical, which has been linked to cancer, has been in wells throughout the region for years.

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