Water contamination news: New water contaminants – chemicals need to be added to the list that should be controlled.

Universities and the U.S. Geological Survey have noticed that some fish and other aquatic creatures have been developing rather unusual characteristics. For example, the National Geographic News reported in 2004 that a statistically significant study by the USGS found that some bass in the Potomac River had developed testicular as well as ovarian tissues. Yes, the boys could make eggs.

Other studies identified similar problems existing in other rivers around the country. The EPA and other researchers are convinced that chemicals that are not normally sampled or treated are able to pass through our municipal treatment systems and are having the documented impacts.


Contaminated water news: Pennsylvania – methane making an appearance in Pa. water supplies.

Mike and Nancy Leighton’s problems began on May 19, just as Mike was settling in to watch the Preakness Stakes. A neighbor in Leroy Township, Pa., called Mike and told him to check the water well located just outside his front door.

“I said, ‘I’ll be down in 15 minutes.’ I wanted to see the race,” Leighton said. But as the horses were racing, Leighton’s well was overflowing. Typically, there’s between 80 to 100 feet of head space between the top of the well and its water supply. But when Leighton went outside, the water was bubbling over the top.

Down the road, Ted and Gale Franklin’s water well had gone dry. When water started coming out later that week, the liquid was “black as coal,” according to Gale.Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection blames a nearby hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, operation. It says methane gas has leaked out of the well, which is operated by Chesapeake Energy, and into the Leightons’ and Franklins’ water supplies.


Portland, USA – Fluoride – Don’t contaminate our world-class water.

As Portlanders, we are passionate about our drinking water, which is some of the world’s best.
Protecting our right to clean water is something that brings us together.
It’s not surprising that Portlanders have rejected three attempts to fluoridate our drinking water.


Egypt – Hundreds in Egyptian town suffer from contaminated water

Hundreds of people in the Egyptian town of Menoufia have fallen ill after drinking contaminated water.


India – Degrees of thirst – the world’s water supply – Global water supply infographic will show you how bad the water crisis is

It’s no secret that there is a water crisis in many developing countries around the world. Many people everyday go without clean safe water. More people have access to a mobile phone than they do to a toilet. While several organizations are working feverishly to come up with a global water solution, it is believed a long term solution will come from the students of today working together towards one goal.


India – 650km water pipes changed, twice as much still to go – Thermal power cluster poses water crisis for Vidarbha

Finally, waking up to the threat of water contamination in the city, Metrowater has started replacing pipelines. More than 2,300km of pipelines that criss-cross the city were laid in the mid 1960s. Now, many of them may have corroded, leading to seepage of sewage and other impurities into the pipes.


India’s state of Haryana, Gurgaon questions – How about rainwater harvesting for HUDA, MCG, mini secretariat?

The recent order to install rainwater harvesting systems in buildings with a covered area of over 100 sq meters by the district administration is an example of how the latter expects others to implement what is lacking in its own buildings.


India – Change of sea water into potable water. Will new technology mark a revolution in seawater desalination?

The National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) an autonomous body of the Ministry of Earth Sciences has indigenously designed developed and demonstrated desalination technology for conversion of sea water into potable water based on Low Temperature Thermal Desalination System (LTTD).


Western Asia – Regional Forum discusses water scarcity in Yemen

You never miss the water until the well goes dry” goes a well-known English proverb.

On Monday, the Yemeni Ministry of Water and Environment – in association with the Responsive Project, which funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – held the Fifth Regional Water Forum for Sana’a, Amran, Sa’ada, Marib and Al-Jawf governorates at the Movenpick Hotel in Sana’a.


Google science fair answers and raises questions – 16 year old scientist may have some answers

Here’s what a successful scientist looks like: Sabera Talukder is standing in an elegantly lighted hall at Google (GOOG), surrounded by peers from around the world, explaining how she designed a low-cost system to clean drinking water in developing countries.


Union Springs – EPA officials detail Powerex cleanup

In a lakeside village named for the clear mineral springs that once bubbled out of the ground within its limits, state and federal officials laid out plans Thursday night to conduct a cleanup of millions of gallons of chemically contaminated drinking water.


Drinking water crisis: Pune, India – Despite water crisis, citizens ignore rainwater harvesting.

PUNE: Despite the water crisis in the city for the past few years, citizens have not taken initiative to harvest rainwater. Only 1,411 of over 7.2 lakh registered properties have opted for rainwater harvesting systems in the city.

India water crisis: Pune:The Pune Municipal Corporation has made rooftop rainwater harvesting mandatory for all new buildings that have come up since 2007.

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