After W. Va. water contamination, senators examine tougher regulations.

U.S. senators are hearing testimony about how to prevent the kind of chemical spill that contaminated the drinking water in and around Charleston, West Virginia, last month. Many residents continue to complain about a strong odor in their water, despite being told it’s safe.


Chemical levels in West Virginia water drop, but still no end in sight to ban

(CNN) — The level of odorous chemical in West Virginians’ water dropped Friday, but not enough for authorities to lift a warning to avoid drinking, cooking or bathing with it or to give a clear idea as to when things will change.


Radioactive Fukushima Water Headed for US West Coast

Radioactive water contaminated by Japan’s ravaged Fukushima nuclear plant will soon reach the west coast of the United States, according to Chairwoman of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Allison Macfarlane, Bloomberg reports.


Unregulated Chemicals Found in Drinking Water

WHAT’S IN THE WATER?: Analyzed samples of untreated and treated water from 25 U.S. utilities revealed traces of 18 unregulated chemicals including solvents, herbicides, caffeine, and antidepressants.


St. Clair drops the ball on drinking water monitoring

Former St. Clair City Superintendent Scott Adkins said last year that St. Clair would continue to monitor river water coming into its water plant for chemical contamination even though the city quit the Drinking Water Monitoring System.


Water in California – Anaheim – How’s your water?

Often, we hear about California’s water issues, or the Southwest’s water issues, but when was the last time you heard anything specific to your town or neighborhood?

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