Exploring Forward Osmosis: Is It Worth It?

Forward osmosis is a process that is currently being explored and tested more frequently. Experts seek to discover the effectiveness of the process to produce freshwater from the dirtiest wastewaters in which reverse osmosis cannot.


Saving the Water with Cover Crops

The need to grow food and engage in agricultural activities is an essential part of the human experience. Like many things, agriculture is something that can hurt the environment, but it does not have to.


California’s drought, contaminated groundwater, and its effects on residents

The California drought this year has put many in danger, from the loss of farmers’ products to the drinking water in smaller communities that depend on wells which are often contaminated from pesticide and fertilizer run-off.


Paula Pearce teaches Water Conservation with Saving Walter book

Now is the perfect time for Children to learn about Water Conservation! Paula Pearce, the local author and illustrator of her children’s book, Saving Walter, perfect for grades 3rd and 4th on the subject of water conservation in and around the home, has given two writers workshops to Gravenstein School youth.

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