Disability and Water Access: Breaking Down Barriers

By Erin Fee, Staff Writer and Researcher for Save the WaterTM | April 2, 2019 Save the WaterTM celebrated World Water Day 2019 in March by highlighting this year’s theme: “Leaving no one behind.”1 While clean water access is a global mission, many people face unique struggles due to their social and economic standing. Therefore, real solutions […]


World Water Day and the Issue of Water Shortage

This year, the theme is “Water and Sustainable Development,”1 highlighting the issue of water scarcity. Water is a resource used every single day, often times irresponsibly or absentmindedly, making this theme highly relevant for today.


How Harmful is BPA, Really?

There have been many news reports, lately, regarding the health risks of leaving plastic water bottles in the heat and later consuming the water. That risk can be linked to the chemical bisphenol A (BPA).


Are You Getting Medications in Your Drinking Water?

A report in 2008 by the Associated Press (AP) stated that 41 million unaware Americans have various trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, such as birth control pills, pain killers, and antibiotics in their drinking water due to the public flushing their unwanted medications.

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