Water Pathogens – the Serial Killer of Water Contamination

The world’s water supply is contaminated by many microorganisms known as water pathogens, hazardous strains of bacteria that thrive within unclean water conditions. There are several different kinds of water pathogens, and depending on the environmental and ecological conditions surrounding the body of water they inhabit, these pathogens can be very harmful to the human body if ingested.


Filling the Gaps: Save the Water Research and the Push for TSCA Reform

An estimated 80,000 chemicals are available for commercial use in the United States and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has only been able to restrict the use of less than 10. It is clear that potentially harmful substances are able to slip through the broken legislation. However, passing a new law that can please everyone will not be an easy task. A mix of issues from all parties involved creates a severe challenge in reforming the TSCA.


Are You Getting Medications in Your Drinking Water?

A report in 2008 by the Associated Press (AP) stated that 41 million unaware Americans have various trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, such as birth control pills, pain killers, and antibiotics in their drinking water due to the public flushing their unwanted medications.


The Effects of Extensive Ice Cover on the Great Lakes

As the record-setting winter of 2014 continues, extensive ice coverage across the Great Lakes has both pros and cons for life and industry on the Great Lakes Basin and has the world wondering whether they will completely freeze over for the first time this century.


West Virginia Chemical Spill Health Risks

Two potentially dangerous chemicals were accidently dumped into West Virginia’s Elk River in January leaving thousands of people without clean drinking water for weeks. Many were hospitalized due to effects and the level of long-term consequences to the exposed population are still being determined.

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