Singapore’s Solution to Water Scarcity: NEWater

As the global demand for clean water continues to rise, so too does the interest in alternatives to conventional water conservation and purification. One method, NEWater, has already been put in place in Singapore for the past 17 years. Singapore lacks natural fresh water resources due to its land scarcity. To fight the problem of […]


Florida’s Mid-Term Election will Determine Prospective Treatment of Water Supply

As Florida residents drive past dozens of lawn signs and bumper stickers, “Say yes to one” has caught some attention. As the November elections rapidly approach in the state, water conservation has landed at the top spot on the ballot. The Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment obtained the number one spot on the ballot for this years’ mid-term elections. If passed, the Land Acquisitions Trust Fund would be required to restore and maintain wetlands including the Everglades, forests, drinking water sources, beaches, rivers and lakes.

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