Chemical Can Alleviate Salt Stress Caused by Fracking

By Hoang-Nam Vu, Staff Writer for Save The Water™ | November 19, 2016 A recent study identified Ferric hexacyanoferrate, or Prussian blue, as a possible solution to brine spills caused by fracking. Fracking as an energy source The global need for energy sources is clear. However, there has been much disagreement over the energy sources […]


NYC is Taking New Measures to Manage Water Pollution

As New York City’s precipitation rates continue to rise, the health risks posed by the city’s inadequate sewage infrastructure are becoming more and more evident.


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Fracking definition: What is hydraulic fracturing water usage?

  Water and sand can make up more than 99.5 percent of the fluid used to hydraulically fracture a well. Water acts as the primary carrier fluid in hydraulic fracturing. Because the multi-stage fracturing of a single horizontal shale gas well can use several million gallons of water, it is critical that large quantities of […]

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