Past Event: DILOS™ March 2013

With the major support of our Corporate Sponsor: International® Protective Coatings, and our community partner: Family in Distress South Florida, the DILOS program 2013 was successfully held on March 22nd, 2013 at Holiday Park (21100 Griffin Rd. Fl. 33332). The program was organized in two parts:   1. The field trip 2. Continued water education & Community Service

PART ONE: The field trip

I. GETTING STARTED: Introduction to the DILOS™ program and the scientific method  

II. ACTION! The activity report:

Steps/ Procedures


Questions of the day







Lab notebook

Children understand why it’s important to record data & how to do it. “Why is this important?”
Sample description: Water Location: Holliday park Address: 21100 Griffin Rd. 33332 GPS coordinates: 26.058965 – 80.430763Barometric pressure: 766.6 mmHg
45 minutes





Analyze the environment

Children made observations & report on the number of fish, birds, people, trash cans, polluted areas, boats and human activities. – “How can the fish live in this?”-  “How can they live in it?… We drink this too.” [remarked another child]
• Total fish: 6 live, 1 dead • Total birds: 100-150 • People: 110+ • Trash cans: 13 • Polluted areas: 200 yards shoreline “at least 2 football fields” • Cars: 72+ • Boats: 25
30 minutes

Lunch break

Children had lunch break, with special guests: the alligators(Check out the photos below)

Collecting water samples

Children analyze the water conditions at Holiday Park 30 minutes

Visual analysis

Children use magnifying glass to take note of the evident conditions of water 15 minutes

Microscope analysis

Children learn to set up microscope and make observations 20 minutes

Learn the fundamentals of water test

Children learn to take note of major characteristics on water. Temperature: Ambient: 23.5 Sample: 24 pH: 7.8 Specific gravity: 1 Conductivity: n/a TDS (mg/l): 424 / 417 Salinity (ppt): n/a Dissolved oxygen (mg/l): 119 Ammonia (mg/l): N/ANitrite (mg/l): 0 Nitrate (mg/l): 0 20 minutes


Evaluation of data “What is the overall condition of South Florida’s Everglades watershed and freshwater? The conclusions: condition of this area of the Everglades is normal to sub-normal until further studies• Holliday Park is a Broward County Recreational Park with air boat rides, alligator shows, and other tourist’s attractions.• There are public bathrooms and a convenience store. Motorcycle riders gather at this location on the weekends.• Human activities definitely have an impact on the area. Emulsified oil foam was observed on the shore as well as oil sheen on the surface trailing some boats. Thrash and other debris were noticed on the shores (see photos). The color of the water was brown as weak coffee color. 20 minutes


PART TWO: Water education & Community service

Water education and community service is a follow-up part of DILOS program, it is completed through AquaSquad™. The AquaSquad™ is formed by students, teachers, scientists, and concerned volunteers from all over the world. Being a member of AquaSquad™ means a life time membership with continuing water education and project participation. Members have full support from the STW™ STEM Education staff, are invited to all events, participate in research projects, and enjoy all the benefits offered. THE OUTLOOK This two-step approach offers hands-on schooling and practical web-based curriculum with useful projects and research. Young people have wide-open imaginations that when stimulated with a field of science sparks enthusiasm and creativity which are the key to all future discoveries. The continued participation in field trips and implementation of projects in school and the community has multiple benefits. Participants experience the power of making a difference and at the same time learn about science. Water science is emphasized in all projects along with technology, engineering, and math. The community benefits in many instances, when an entire class of students adopts a waterway and periodically visits the area to monitor environmental quality, and clean up if necessary. The students get to put in practice the knowledge learned with the AquaSquad™ membership and the experience from the DILOS™ field trip. FURTHER DEVELOPMENT As beneficial as it is, the DILOS™ program can now be adapted to classes with special curriculum needs or requirements. We believe this will help multiply the positive impact and further encourage more kids to become change agents in their community. For further development of this program at your locality, please contact: Anthony Kozuh, STEM education research director:

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Want to Donate?
Please contact us for gifts in kind - Mail your check to: P.O. Box 545934, Surfside, Fl 33154