Junior Resources

Surface Water Basics

Lakes and reservoirs
Rivers and the landscape
Sediment in rivers
Rivers of the world
Use of streamflow information
Seasonal streamflow patters
Sea level and climate
Glaciers and icecaps

Events and Hazards

The 100-year flood
High-water marks and floods
Why is this house wearing stilts?
Q&A: Droughts
Q&A: Floods
Streamflow during storms

Surface Water Quality

Surface runoff
Silt fences at construction sites
Sediment pond to catch storm runoff
A storm sewer to carry off stormwater
Urbanization and water quality
The poultry industry and water quality

Measuring Surface Water

How is flow in a stream measured?
Measuring stream stage (height)
Crestgage – A quick way to measure high water
High water marks
How the USGS monitors water
What does a hydrologist do?

Exploring Estuaries This junior site allows visitors to explore and learn more about estuaries./ games, activities and nice tours of two estuaries in the National Estuary Program
What’s Up With Our Nation’s Waters? Designed primarily for middle-school-aged youth, presents key findings of the EPA’s National Water Quality Report in an easy-to-read fashion
Meet Thirstin and his adventures in Ground Water and Drinking Water
Wetlands Water science, education, and information resources for kids.
Acid Rain Students Site Learn about acid rain and it’s effects on the environment and you!
Beach Kids 
Whether you live near a beach or not, visit this site to learn neat things about beaches and play games.
Discover Water
Test your knowledge of the water cycle, how we use water, and learn how to take action to conserve water at home.
Nonpoint Source Kids Page Games and links to educational materials to teach children about pollution and the environment. This site features Darby Duck and the Aquatic Crusaders and Masterbug Theater.
Water Drops Science fun for Kids in the Water Environment
Oil and Water Don’t MixJoin us in protecting our seas! Learn all about our marine environment with these fun games and interesting facts.
Thirstin’s Wacky Water Adventure Activity Book (PDF, 15pp, 566K  About PDF) – A collection of activities and coloring book pages.
Thirstin’s Water Cycle AdventurePrint and color this diagram of the water cycle.
The Water CycleSee how the water cycle works with this animation.
Water Science for Schools
From the US Geological Survey.

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