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DILOS (Day in the Life of a Scientist) STEM Education

The Save the Water™ Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STW™ STEM) Education Program consists of two interesting and educational components that excite children to get involved in science. Through the STEM program, Save the Water™  hopes to increase public awareness of environmental issues.

The first component of the STW™ STEM Program is an in-school program designed to encourage middle school and high school students to pursue careers in science. STW™ will set up a mobile water laboratory in a classroom free of charge, due to our generous grantors and sponsors.

The program comprises hands-on activities in the laboratory:

  • Observation under a microscope: A trinocular microscope will be set up in the classroom to observe water samples previously collected from a water body near the school. During this portion of the class, a background of freshwater ecology will be shared with the students.
  • Demonstrations via basic wet chemistry analytical tests: This will be conducted to understand water contamination using the same water sample viewed in the microscope.
  • A display of an eco-landscape: This is used to demonstrate how water gets contaminated.

All the demonstrations are linked to the scientific teaching methodology, so that the students are involved in questioning, conducting research, constructing hypotheses, performing experiments to test the hypotheses and drawing conclusions.

The second component of the STW™ STEM Program, is called “A Day In the life Of a Scientist” (DILOS™).  Through this program, the children participate in a field trip to the Everglades, a local lake, or body of water. DILOS™ is designed to spark curiosity in a setting outside the classroom, which we hope will inspire children to become scientists.

For more information on STEM, visit our STEM and Water Science Education Resources

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