Volunteer with Save the Water

Save The Water™ is a nonprofit organization run by over 100 dedicated volunteers in the areas of Education, Fundraising, Human Resources, Marketing, Social Media, Publishing, and Technology.  Each one of our volunteers is dedicated to following through with Save the Water’s mission of helping solve the world’s water crisis.

We have volunteers from all over the world, with ages ranging from 14 years old to individuals who have already retired. Nonetheless, we all share one thing in common: a love for our most precious resource and the dedication to help protect it from harmful contaminants.

The volunteer environment at Save The Water™ is nearly 100% virtual, using what is known as a collaborative working environment. Communication is mainly based on email and video calls that are frequently held over Google. That being said, Save the Water™ offers a lot of flexibility, allowing volunteers to manage their schedule to meet their needs. We also have a few opportunities for local Floridians to help with upcoming events in Miami and the surrounding suburbs.

Volunteer Departments

Save the Water™ volunteers are divided into different branches, each specializing in a certain area of work.

  • Publishing – The Publishing department relays Save The Water’s message by writing content, publishing articles, and researching information.
  • Marketing – The Marketing department displays the brand and mission of Save the Water™ to the public by creating interesting forms of public communication.
  • Education – The Education department progresses Save the Water’s various programs, such as the DILOS (Day in the Life of a Scientist), through an array of mediums.
  • Fundraising – The Fundraising department raises funds for the various projects and steps that Save the Water™ puts forth.
  • Human Resources – The Human Resources department handles the internal operations of Save the Water™ in an organizational sense. Additionally, they recruit new volunteers.
  • Technology – The Technology department advances Save the Water’s adeptness in technology. They handle user experience, webmaster, and other activities related to maintaining our website.
  • Social Media – The Social Media department creates content for and oversees Save the Water’s various social media outlets.
  • Science and Engineering – The Science and Engineering department establishes methods for identification, conducts water analysis for customers, and oversees water treatment research and engineering.


Volunteer Positions at Save the Water™

Save the Water™ volunteers have a myriad of positions to choose from within the limits of their experience. Below are just a few examples of the many volunteer positions we offer.

  • Education Associate: STEM & DILOS Support
  • Publishing Associate Director, Researchers & Publishers
  • Education Associate: Researcher & Writer
  • Publishing Associate: SEO Specialist
  • Fundraising Consultant
  • Science & Engineering Associate Director
  • HR Associate: Engagement & Development Team
  • Marketing Project Leader: Email Marketing


Our Culture

We have a culture that encourages collaboration, diversity, openness, empowerment and continuous learning. We embrace the virtual environment by maintaining a flexible and friendly work environment.

Click here to learn more about our culture and mission.

If you would like to volunteer for Save the Water™, view the links below for open opportunities and apply today! You may also email your resume to us directly at newvolunteers@savethewater.org.


Want to Donate?
Please contact us for gifts in kind - Mail your check to: P.O. Box 545934, Surfside, Fl 33154