Save The Water™ STEM for schools program

The STW™ STEM Program for Schools is a series designed to increase the interest of middle and high school students in science through a series of interactive and demonstrative sessions.

Students learning about water sampling in STW™ class
Frank Ramos demonstrates water sampling using the microscope.


  1. Provide hands-on experience in running basic chemical tests
  2. Encourage critical thinking
  3. Develop real-time solutions and put them into regular, daily practice.
  4. Create interest in the well-being and betterment of society

Program Basics

  • Teaches 4 classes of up to 30 students per day (120 students total)
  • Brought to school free of charge
  • STW will supply all necessary materials for the activities
  • Microscope activities
    • Students will observe water samples using trinocular microscope connected to laptop computer to observe water samples
  • Wet chemistry analytical tests
    • Demonstrations will facilitate students’ understanding of water contamination
  • Eco-landscape display
    • Students will discover how water becomes contaminated
  • Hand-in-water demonstration
    • Live demonstration will show how chemicals in water are absorbed by the skin


It costs Save The Water™ $3,300 in start-up costs for equipment and recurring cost per class to bring the program to them, but it is brought to the schools free of charge, as STW™ finds grants and sponsors like you to support the program.

Want to Donate?
Please contact us for gifts in kind - Mail your check to: P.O. Box 545934, Surfside, Fl 33154