Our Culture & Mission

Save the Water™ has a culture that encourages collaboration, diversity, openness, empowerment and continuous learning. We embrace the virtual environment by maintaining a flexible and friendly work environment.

  • Collaboration: our volunteers who come from different departments and different supervisory levels work together to complete projects.
  • Diversity: we have volunteers who come from different backgrounds and our water protection programs cover various areas.
  • Openness: we are happy to hear different questions and opinions.
  • Empowerment: our volunteers are empowered. We believe in our volunteers and rely on them to take ownership of their projects.
  • Continuous learning: we provide training for our volunteers.
  • Virtual environment: we work 100% in an online environment, yet effectively communicate and share documents through various online tools.
  • Flexibility: we have a flexible work arrangement that allows our volunteers work any hours they wish.
  • Friendly work environment: we treat all volunteers, staff, and partners with respect.


Engagement Pledge – STW’s 3 C’s:

In order for Save the WaterTM to function properly, it is essential for there to be proper relationship between the organization and its volunteers. Hence, Save the Water follows these three principles.

Caring: We care about our volunteers’ professional development. One of Save the Water’s main goals is to better individuals in the world–we start with our volunteers.

Creativity: We appreciate our volunteer’s creativity and have a friendly work environment. We believe that this creativity allows Save the Water to operate in an optimal fashion.

Contribution: We collaborate together to help our communities get clean water. A group effort results in a better product and a feeling of satisfaction for all those involved.

Volunteer Testimonials:

I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve learned – and how quickly – about the need for water cleaning solutions. With the recent mine sludge spill in the Animas river in Colorado (my home state!), I am even more concerned about the state of our water, and more excited to work with STW. The camaraderie and kindness of all STW volunteers has really impressed me. I’m looking forward to the next One Drop at a Time event, so I can meet some of you lovely people in person!– Jessicah Lahitou, Education Associate: Writer


Save The Water is an excellent organization, organized with lot of opportunities to advance. This a great organization with a great cause.  It is a volunteering opportunity which not only gives you ease of working from home but also helps you to gain knowledge about the subject (HR), and all this from comfort of your home. Now I am enjoying the work here, I get to know about new things I meet and contact new people, this is amazing.  It’s fundamentally not that different from volunteering in the real world. You are virtually finding ways to satisfy what you want to do in real world– Divya Mangala, Volunteer Recruiter


What I enjoy about being a volunteer for Save The Water is that I am able to work from home. Also, being a virtual volunteer means I can work from anywhere at anytime. It is a flexible place to work as you can set your own schedule.– Albert Garcia, Public Relations Associate


Something I thoroughly enjoy is working with like minded people from different parts of the world, from different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. We are all here for a similar purpose and coming to an understanding of STW’s mission on a daily basis creates that cohesive bond. So grateful to keep learning and acknowledging we can actually help our Earth.– Amna Warner, Associate Director of Publishing


One of the main reasons to why I wanted to join “STW” was due to my Uncle Alix. 31 years ago my mother’s sister married a Haitian/Dominican. Fast forward to Summer of 2009 when going for a ride with him he asked me if I would like to go to Haiti next year. My answer was quick and to the point. For years I’ve always asked him to take me to Haiti. As kids, you become what you see or you change because of what you don’t see. He told me that for years he was sending money and buying land for this idea he had for years. For a few weeks, I did some research on the country and what I found was alarming. 40% of the people in Haiti lack access to clean water and only 1 in 5 have access to a sanitary toilet. I kept on finding more and more articles with the same results. By the end of the next month, my uncle told me his master plan to build a small school and a water plant to help with the surrounding cities. Now that we are in 2015 and 5 years after the strongest earthquake that killed nearly 222,300 people. His idea along with this money and land are now below rumble. I hope to one day visit Haiti with an organization to provide water. In honor of my uncle I want to learn how to fight against dirty water and clean up local communities who has no access to clean water.  – Fernando Vargas, Content Creator Facebook, Social Media

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