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World Water Day Press Release March 21, 2013

World Water Day 2013: DILOS™ Launch – International® Protective Coatings – Corporate Sponsor

Save the Water™ is proud to announce International Protective Coatings       as the Corporate Sponsor for “A day in the life of a scientist” - DILOS™ Program Global Launch, on March 22, 2013 at Holliday Park, South Florida Everglades.  International Protective Coatings is part of “AkzoNobel” - the world’s largest coatings and paint supplier.   They are committed to delivering sustainability and protecting the environment in every part of what they do.   Their sustainability goal is aimed at reducing the environmental footprint through lowering of VOC levels in their coatings, and therefore reducing the environmental impact on each project they are involved with.

Water News: Press Release June 26th, 2012

Save the Water™: Water Contamination News: Impending Drinking Water Contamination Due to Proposed Use of Chloramine is Center of Debate in Charlottesville, Albemarle

Charlottesville, Albemarle County citizens are in the battle to stop the impending drinking water contamination due to the proposed chloromine use in their county.
Chloramine has been shown to leach large amounts of lead and copper from piping, causing dangerously high levels of these metals thus causing the drinking water contamination citizens are concerned about.
Quote start“The use of the chloramines as a substitute disinfectant actually causes a formation of more chemicals, that by toxicologists’ research, are thousands of times more toxic than the ones they’re trying to eliminateQuote end

Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia (PRWEB) June 26, 2012

On Thursday night of last week: Charlottesville Albemarle County citizens placed the impending drinking water contamination problem due to the proposed use of chloramine on the table, and made their case.

A panel of experts offered statistics and facts to the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority (RWSA) on how the chemical is connected to long-term health problems.

Opponents argue chloramine doesn’t protect our water from bacteria and viruses such as E. coli and Polio. Those against it argue the “…least expensive way is not the safest.”

Chloramine panelist Bob Bowcock said, “The use of the chloramine as a substitute disinfectant actually causes a formation of scores more chemicals that by toxicologists’ research, thousands of times more toxic than the ones they’re trying to eliminate.”

There is a petition growing regarding this drinking water contamination problem due to the proposed use of chloramine on Here opponents are trying to get 750 signatures. Click here to view the petition.

The RWSA is expected to make a final decision on the issue next month, therefore your support is needed today.

The Charlottesville, Albemarle County citizens who are strongly opposed to the use of chloramines in their water supply state the following facts and reasons for their concerns:

• EPA’s own reports: The current reports on chloramines indicate that there has been little study on the affect of water treated with chloramines on human health and natural ecosystems.

• There is evidence that byproducts formed during the use of mono-chloramine as a disinfectant may be mutagenic and carcinogenic.

• There are no studies on the respiratory, skin, or digestive effects of chronic exposure to chloraminated tap water. There are no epidemiological studies.

• The cancer studies are so few that the EPA cannot determine if chloramine is carcinogenic, however some data points to it being carcinogenic.

• However, long before people get cancer caused by chloramine, many are suffering from skin, respiratory, and/or digestive symptoms, and some are life threatening.

• It has been well demonstrated (during the lead scandal in Washington DC) that the use of chloramines in drinking water causes increased leaching of lead and copper from pipes. This can cause very high metal levels in drinking water, and is a major threat to human health.

• Chloramine is a corrosive: It causes lead to leach out of lead pipes, Lead ingestion is poisonous especially to children and pregnant women.

• When combined with Fluoride, the corrosion level increases.

• Increasing heat, increases corrosiveness, therefore your hot water heater, dishwasher, spa are all highly subject to this corrosion.

• There is strong evidence that drinking water treated with chloramines kills fish and amphibians if released into the aquatic environment.

It is the foregoing facts that have prompted Charlottesville, Albemarle County citizens to urge the Board of Supervisors, City Council and the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority (RWSA) to re-evaluate the need for a new water treatment method. If indeed a new treatment method is required, the citizens strongly urge the Board of Supervisors, Council and the RWSA to utilize a safer water treatment method to preserve human health and the health of their streams.

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Save the Water™ gives its appreciation to Citizens Concerned About Chloramine (CCAC) a nonprofit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California for the excellent information that they provided in the article published on the STW™ site.

To visit the CCAC informative chloramines site: please click >>

Press Release June 24th 2012

Save the Water™ Launches It’s New Website! Researching Contaminated Drinking Water ; Providing Educational Material on Topics Such as Fracking and Fluoride Contamination

Save the Water™ (STW™) has completely re-vamped and launched one of the most informative non profit contaminated water issue websites on the internet, STW™ fully encompasses topics such as fracking and fluoride facts and contaminated drinking water issues that are being brought to light each day in the news. Ranked in the top 3.6% of all sites on the internet by “Alexa”, STW™ is becoming the “Go To” site for contaminated drinking water research and educational articles that are a growing concern each day. Visit Save the Water™ at:

Water research and education

Quote startSave the Water™ is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated in helping solve the world water crisis through excellence in water science research and education.Quote end
Hollywood Florida, United States

June 24, 2012

Save the Water™ Contaminated Drinking Water Research and New Education Department is pleased to announce a new more informative homepage and water education department. Over 200 news and educational postings have been published since the site has been revamped. Tons of material on fracking and fluoride, contaminated drinking water and chemical facts have been added to the educational department. Part of the education departments program has led to an agreement signed with the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts of America for field trips featuring “A day in the life of a scientist” [DILOS program].

In the news and education postings on the STW™ web site you will find in depth articles about: fracking, contaminated drinking water, viruses in water, arsenic contamination, pipeline oil spill in Canada, and the global water crisis. These are very interesting articles that are in the news each day and are covered with further details by STW™.

In the upcoming month the research department will bring attention to articles about: chemical contamination of drinking water and the health affects they cause. Save the Water™ Educational series has begun. This series covers in depth material on specific chemical water contaminants and contains illustrated articles on fracking and fluoride, two of the most talked about issues today.

Items that are needed for the Education program, “Day in the life of a scientist” [DILOS program] field trips:
Microscope (portable): Microscope slides: Beakers (all sizes): Test tubes (several sizes): Turbidity meter: Dissolved oxygen meter: Conductivity meter: pH meter: pH paper: Thermometers: Water sampling device: Sediment sampling device: Spatulas: Water test kits (colorimetric): Safety glasses: Rubber gloves (disposable): Rubber boots (various sizes): Laboratory notebooks: Visual aids: Carrying cases: Plastic coolers (small): Digital camera: Video camera: Tripod: Handheld bullhorn: Laptops or Note Pads.

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