Google for Nonprofits

Google for nonprofits is a program which provides product offerings and enhanced online resources for nonprofit organizations in the US. With the launch of this program, they hope to help nonprofit organizations raise awareness for their cause, increase their donor base, and improve operations. The program offers several benefits like:

  1. Reach and Engage more donors : Google aims to help non-profits by providing them with tools that help them reach and better engage with their donors. Over the years Google has added to their suite of applications and now include some pretty useful ones for organizations who strive to promote social good.
  2. Raise Awareness: One of the most difficult challenges as a non-profit is to rise above the noise and garner the awareness needed to support the organization’s efforts. Google for nonprofits has great tools to help you tell your story.
  3. Improve Operations: Google applications include unique tools which will help nonprofit organizations run more efficiently on their tight budgets. These apps are meant to help improve operations and communications within the firm. Google tools such as Youtube, Google Apps for Nonprofits, Sites and Google Earth Outreach help you to tell your story as a nonprofit organization.
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