Frank Ramos

Founder, President

Frank founded Save the Water™ to draw upon his chemical industry experience to address worldwide pollution issues through water science research and contamination removal. He has more than forty years of experience in the chemical industry associated with industrial waste water treatment system design, management, research, development, and marketing. He has designed proprietary water treatment equipment and filtration products for emergency applications, and industrial water treatment systems including drinking water from a contaminated source; mobile environmental laboratory; hydraulic environmental sampling; multi-technology canal or river sludge treatment system; slaughter house waste treatment system; bio-remediation of hydrocarbon contamination; and biological waste water treatment.

For five years, Frank served as Research Assistant, and International Sales Representative with the world renowned environmental scientist and founder of Electrox, Inc., the late Dr. Leland Cole. Frank’s expertise has been required in many environmental projects including the proposed clean-up of the Gowanus Canal Project in New York City, which involved a variety of technologies over the past thirty-three years. His expertise is extended to the review of water analysis for applications of technologies, pilot plant design, operation and supervision, equipment start-up and shut down. As a result of his experience, Frank was invited by President Clinton to the White House Conference on Trade and Investment in Central and Eastern Europe held in Cleveland in January 1995, and to the White House Conference for Trade and Investment in Ireland held in Washington, D.C. in May 1995. Frank held the position of Technical Director of World 2000 Environmental Services, Inc., where he was directly responsible for all technologies employed in assessments and remediation contracts. While at World 2000 Environmental Services, Frank also proposed clean-up technologies for the oil spills in Kuwait after the Gulf War. Presently, Frank is President and CEO of WaterPure™ Corporation.

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