John Datino

Engineering Director

John started his technical training in the U.S. Navy. He is a qualified Submarine Engineer with the U.S. Navy and has merits in the Nuclear Power Program as a machinist mate specializing in desalination and distillation of potable and feed water.  He also earned a Certified Steam Plant Operator and Mechanic while in the Navy.

His training includes, for example, sea water evaporation units for the production of boiler feed and drinking water for ships out to sea, design of mechanical devices, reading and drawing schematics for the production and operation of water systems, and as a chemist for primary (nuclear) and secondary (steam plant) operations.

John also worked for Mobil Oil for 15 years in water and oil systems. This includes five years of water filtration pumps and related systems maintenance experience and ten years of operating experience as the manager of product manufacturing and distribution positions always concerned with the environmental safety of the equipment and proper operating procedures. He also served for eight years at Mobil Oil Corporation as Retail Sales Manager responsible for 120 people.

Recently, to continue his commitment to education he pursued a college degree in Environmental Science and Toxicology with special emphasis on water purification, storage and distribution for major metropolitan areas.

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