Understanding the 2016 Reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act (T.S.C.A)

Written by Swati Meshram, Ph.D., Frank Ramos The 1970s saw a growing awareness of large numbers of chemicals in food and consumer products. The awareness brought to light the concern about the toxicity of these unregulated and untested chemicals coming in contact with humans and the environment. Then the great idea came: let’s regulate and […]


Jamaican Island Water Issue: No need to panic! Asbestos cement pipes safe, says NWC [The Gleaner]

Erica Virtue, Senior Gleaner Writer

More than three decades after the National Water Commission (NWC) ended its use of pipes made from asbestos cement to distribute drinking water the company has admitted that these are still in its distribution system. But like it did 30 years ago, the NWC is still adamant that there is no need to panic.


OKOTOKS: Canada Fluoride News: TOWN COUNCILLORS WANT ORAL HEALTH PROGRAM IN PLACE [Okotoks:westernwheel.com]

Okotoks is close to removing fluoride from water issue is on hold until later this month. concerns linger whether a proposed oral health program will go ahead.


Global water education: Save the Water™ Questions and Answers: “How dangerous is formaldehyde ?”

Save the Water™ Questions and Answers: How Dangerous Is Formaldehyde And Asbestos

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