Beach in Cabrillo Makes Progress in Cleaning up Water Pollution

Article courtesy of Elijah Chiland | April 15th, 2016 | Curbed Los Angeles | Shared as educational material. California’s San Pedro’s Cabrillo Beach made the limelight recently after going from a grade D to a grade A in water pollution. Although the beach is far from perfect, it still is rather impressive to make such […]


Bacterial Contamination Cited in Closing of Liquid Planet Water Park Slides

The Speed Slides — two 40-foot vertical plunging slides at Liquid Planet Water Park — were shut down by a judge Monday over fears of bacterial contamination, New Hampshire officials announced on Tuesday.


Unsafe Bacteria Levels in River

At McLaren Falls, New Zealand, many stormwater drains and ponds had had little or no flow leaving the water at risk of bacterial contamination. “The water is sitting stagnant, and the high temperatures we’ve been having increases bacteria and a build-up of other contaminants which could be a health risk to both people and pets.”


Portland, Oregon contaminated drinking water news brief: Portland’s westside tap water is safe to drink, officials say.

Reservoir 3 at Washington Park is drained due to contaminated water problem, although the ban on drinking the water was removed at 8am Sunday. On Monday they will be cleaning the Reservoir 3.


Global water contamination news: North Bay, Ontario, Canada – chemical spill – formaldehyde 101 – what are the facts?

Save the Water™ Questions and Answers: Chemical Spill: Formaldehyde 101: What Are Some Of The Facts?


Glbal water contamination news: Water crisis – North Bay Ontario -chemical spill – residents evacuated – driver dead – Contamination rollover on Highway 63.

Water Chemical Spill Crisis In North Bay Ontario Chemical Spill/Residents Evacuated, Driver Dead, In Contamination Rollover On Highway 63


Global water contamination news: Canada water crisis – drinking water fears after formaldehyde chemical spill in North Bay.

Northern Canada Water Crisis: Drinking Water Fears After Chemical Spill in North Bay Ontario.A carcinogen found in embalming agents for human or animal remains.
Ingestion of even one ounce of liquid can cause death. Exposure over a long period of time can cause lung damage and reproductive problems in women.

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