Contaminated drinking water education: Chemicals TCE – PCE – Chloroform – High level of cancer-causing agents found at Fort Detrick.

Contaminated drinking water education based Carroll Creek: PCE was found in the highest concentrations, at 3,000 times the EPA’s safe drinking-water standards. EPA lists PCE’s maximum safe-contaminant level at 0.005 micrograms per liter, or five parts per billion. Arcadis found PCE at 14,000 to 15,000 parts per billion. Area B, a 399-acre site, was previously used as a dumping ground for solvents and other biological waste. The highest concentrations of PCE, used commonly as a dry-cleaning solvent, were found on the border of Area B. PCE, TCE and chloroform were all found in shallow groundwater and surface water outside of the base along Carroll Creek, but at lower levels.


Drinking water contamination: No plans for Carroll Creek warning signs. News comes after chemicals were found in surface water.

A leaking dump site under a small tract on Area B has long been suspected as the source of high levels of TCE and PCE — chemicals used in cleaning supplies — found in groundwater. Several residents have blamed the contamination as having caused cancers and other health problems. Fort Detrick has no plans to post signs along Carroll Creek warning of potential contamination after news this week that chemicals were found in surface water and in the creek’s tributaries.


USA military contaminated drinking water news: High level of cancer-causing agent found at Fort Detrick in Frederick.

High level of cancer-causing agent found at Fort Detrick in Frederick
Water flowing into Carroll Creek is less contaminated

Water testing in and around Fort Detrick in Frederick has revealed levels of a cancer-causing agent 3,000 times federal safe drinking-water standards, a consultant hired by the U.S. Army said Wednesday night.


Ontario, Canada water contamination news: Lake Huron – Impact of diesel spill on water, environment: ‘Time will tell’

Impact of diesel spill on water, environment: ‘Time will tell’How will Thursday’s diesel fuel spill into lower Lake Huron impact drinking water and the environment? The bad news is that diesel fuel is one of the most toxic forms of oil to marine life. The good news is that it evaporates quickly and is relatively easily dispersed in open water.


Drinking water news: EPA provides $950,000 to improve water quality using green infrastructure in 17 communities.

EPA announced it is providing $950,000 to help 17 communities expand green infrastructure use to improve drinking water quality The City of Atlanta, Ga., and the City of Beaufort, S.C., were among those selected for funding, and each received $50,000 grants. Green infrastructure uses vegetation and soil to manage rainwater where it falls, keeping polluted stormwater from entering sewer systems and waterways plans are incorporation of green infrastructure into stormwater management programs to protect drinking water quality


Safe drinking water news: Warning on bleach use for emergency water.

“Surfactants will make the water foam or bubble when it is shaken or mixed. If the product’s label is not clear about what has been added to the bleach, do not use the product for the safe storage of water.”
A ministry spokesman told NZ Newswire that it was not aware of anyone having become sick by drinking water containing bleach additives.But the new advice was prompted by a query to the ministry from a member of the public whose water contained bleach with surfactant cleanser and it foamed up.


What is fracking? 5 Facts about fracking every family needs to know.

Fracking facts 1.Natural gas is not clean. 2. Fracking chemicals are extremely dangerous. 3. Natural gas drilling turns clean country air to smog. 4. Fracking releases uranium. 5. Fracking affects everyone.


Drinking water pollution news: Chemical contamination of our drinking water sources. Chemical facts.

This is the Priority Pollutants List from the EPA. STW™ suspects that since there are 80,000 to 100,000 chemicals in commercial use in the U.S. and worldwide, that there are thousands more chemicals in our water that we don’t even know are there or test for.


Water pollution scare – 4,700 gallons of hydrochloric acid spilled at Bradford County drilling site. Hydrochloric acid in fracking process.

Drinking water pollution scare. The chemical hydrochloric acid is used in fracking but there are no fracking operations in Bradford County Pennsylvania . So why was the acid there? Hydrochloric acid is used in the fracking process by company’s like Shell. The water pollution danger for Towanda Creek has been avoided as of today


Tetrachloroethylene water contamination: Early life exposure to chemical in drinking water may affect vision. Camp Lejeune – Cape Cod timelines.

BU School of Medicine, BUSPH has found that the drinking water in both Cape Cod and Camp Lejeune had the chemical solvent tetrachloroethylene a chemical drinking water contaminant also known as PCE in it. Camp Lejeune also had, benzene and TCE. PCE is now found to cause vision problems and cancer. This report has over 300 resource links to research regarding PCE and Camp Lejeune.


USA drinking water contamination warning: Iowa, Perry issued a drinking water warning Friday – Nitrate levels high.

Perry Officials said water samples showed elevated levels of nitrite in the water.Drinking water contamination: Nitrite in drinking water is a serious health concern for infants less than six months old


Water filtration news brief: What’s in your water?

Aquasana water filtration system removes water contaminants from your water supply such as voc’s ,chlorination, chlorinated solvents and other contaminants thus alleviating the drinking water contamination

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