Parents complain after bacteria found in drinking water at McSwain Elementary School in Merced

McSwain Elementary School was forced to cut off access to its drinking water after an elevated level of total coliform bacteria was found in one of the school’s water storage tanks during a routine test Tuesday.


Hospitals Scrambled to Deal With Chemically Contaminated Water in West Virginia

Article courtesy of Joe Kloc | February 13, 2014 | Newsweek | Shared as educational material Hospitals reveal medical crisis narrowly avoided West Virginia The full impact of the Freedom Industries chemical spill in West Virginia, which contaminated the drinking water of some 300,000 residents, may not be tallied for years. But a look at […]


The Booming Bottled Water Business Represents Everything That’s Wrong With Government Regulation In China

Environmental pollution has caused people to eschew tap water for bottled water. Xie attributes the pollution to the local governments’ desire to draw in investment, as turning a blind eye to the pollution lowers production costs. From Xie:


What are some bottled water facts? [Illustrated by “On Line Education”]

Many people in many developing countries seek out clean drinking water with much difficulty. But developed nations such as the US spend billions of dollars buying bottled water even though their respective countries provide clean drinking water from the tap

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