Triple Ethanol, as Urged by Lobbyists, Would Mean More Toxic Water Pollution

Some corn ethanol lobbyists are pushing to triple the amount of ethanol American fuel makers put into gasoline, moving from the current blend, called E10, of 90 percent gasoline and 10 percent corn ethanol to E30, which would be 70 percent gasoline and 30 percent corn ethanol. They argue that using more of their so-called renewable fuel would benefit the environment.


Strain of Duckweed Might Be the Solution to China’s Water Pollution Problem

The research team took nine years to find the strain of duckweed among over 800 samples of different duckweed species collected all across the globe. The duckweed species not only shows potential to solve the water pollution crisis in the country; it can effectively purify polluted water and turn nitric oxide into biological fertilizer.


Contaminated drinking water news: NEERI develops indigenous process to reduce high fluoride in water content.

The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI) developed an indigenous and economically viable process to reduce high fluoride content in potable water, which would have a domestic and community applications.The chemo-defluoridation of potable water with high fluoride content is achieved in collaboration with the Mumbai-based Rajeev Gandhi Science and Technology Commission, and can be used for reduction of fluoride concentration from 5-8 mg/L to < 1.0 mg/L (miligram per litre). The process does not affect the palatability of water.

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