Chromium and America’s General Water Crisis

Written by Geraldine Totesaut, Marketing Project Leader for Save The Water™ | May 5, 2017 As much as we might not like to readily admit it, the hard truth is that a lot of Americans take the country’s supply of drinking water for granted. Many of us do so in terms of tap water. We […]


Agency to Invest in Treating Water for Chromium-6

The Coachella Valley Water District in Southern California is about to design water treatment plants to remove a potentially hazardous heavy metal hexavalent chromium, or chromium-6, from the groundwater pumped from 19 wells from Rancho Mirage to Thermal.


Dixon Leaders Discuss Chromium 6 Study

Dixon leaders on Tuesday are set to address a state mandate regarding new regulations slated to make drinking water safer.


Chromium 6: New Drinking Water Standards Take Effect, Frustrating some Rural Suppliers

Tuesday California starts enforcing a stricter standard for the cancer-causing chemical chromium 6 in drinking water. The new regulation was three contentious years in the making, it’s the toughest in the nation, and it presents a challenge for many smaller water suppliers around the state.


Fracking news by Sara Nedley: The Frick and Frac about hydraulic fracturing [Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.]

Fracking is a process used to inject fluids under high pressure into a well. By doing so, fractures are created in deep shale rock, enabling natural gas to escape. While fracking has been in use in the drilling industry since the 1940s, fracking combined with horizontal drilling has made extracting natural gas from shale easier. Horizontal drilling is a process by which wells are drilled first vertically, then horizontally for several thousand feet. On average, three to five times more natural gas is produced by horizontal drilling when compared to vertical drilling. Both the increased quantity and access equal increased revenue for the natural gas industry. The current boom in natural gas fracking can also be equated to availability of new jobs.


Fracking News: Toxipedia: Hydraulic fracturing updated by Steven Gilbert/Rachael Severtson

Hydraulic fracturing is now used at almost every natural gas well in the United States so that the energy companies can release as much gas as possible from each well.

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