Chromium and America’s General Water Crisis

Written by Geraldine Totesaut, Marketing Project Leader for Save The Water™ | May 5, 2017 As much as we might not like to readily admit it, the hard truth is that a lot of Americans take the country’s supply of drinking water for granted. Many of us do so in terms of tap water. We […]


Hexavalent Chromium and Heavy Metals Plague Indian Lakes

Article courtesy of the Staff of Deccan Chronicle | December 27th, 2016 | The Deccan Chronicle | Shared as educational material. In all samples taken from five lakes and groundwater in Hyderabad, India, a study found high concentrations of hexavalent chromium, a dangerous form of chromium. The high concentrations exceeded standards set by the World […]


Higher Levels of Contaminants Found in Oak Hills Water

The Water and Sanitation Division of the county’s Special Districts Department sent a letter to Oak Hills residents in County Service Area 70J reporting that higher levels of hexavalent chromium have been discovered in the water system, which “violated a drinking standard.”


Walt Disney Studios air conditioning leak suspected to have caused groundwater contamination

One of the most renowned theme parks of the world, Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA., is suspected to be the cause of contaminating groundwater with cancer-causing heavy metal, chromium 6, after a leak in their aging air conditioning system.


Australia water chemical contamination news: Pesticides detected upstream of reservoir feeding Melbourne’s drinking water supply [Fairfax Media]

PESTICIDES have been detected upstream of a reservoir that feeds Melbourne’s drinking water supply, sparking calls by an environmental group for an urgent upgrade of the dam’s filtration and treatment plant.

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