GPS Devices Installed into Water Tankers to Ensure Safe Water

Article courtesy of TC Sreemoli | February 11th, 2017 | Times of India | Shared as educational material. The district disaster management cell in Ernakulam, India, has decided to install GPS devices into hundreds of water tankers to ensure that the tankers do not collect contaminated water. More than 300 water tankers distribute water in […]


Louisiana Water is so Polluted that Pastors Suspend Baptisms

Article courtesy of Charles Pierce | January 6th, 2017 | Esquire | Shared as educational material. St. Joseph in northern Louisiana has been exposed to contaminated water. Poor people must go to other local communities to do laundry because the water is so discolored. One pastor has suspended baptisms because he feels the water is […]


Testing the waters

Students traveled to the rainforest for a two-week field program during which the students collaborated with Peruvian peers to develop equipment that could be used by local villagers to filter the contaminated water.


Major Study of Contaminated Water Shows Progress, Challenges Ahead

A sophisticated study blending 35 years of well contamination tests shows high levels of toxic nitrate is turning up a little less frequently in Dane County-area drinking water.


Shaking the Nanomaterials Out: New Method to Purify Water

The method sounds like a salad dressing recipe: take water, sprinkle in nanomaterials, add oil and shake.


The Water Contamination Hazards of Mining

The Gold King Mine has been leaking fluids into its surrounding area since its shuttering in 1923. This has resulted in the formation of dozens of toxic wells in its immediate vicinity.


OSHA: Contaminated Water in Eyewash Stations can Lead to Infection

An updated resource from OSHA emphasizes the importance of maintaining emergency eyewash stations so the water does not become contaminated and lead to potential infections.


Hundreds Seek Compensation Over Contaminated Water

Last month more than 6,000 residents of Dalziel Park, New Stevenston, Carfin, Newarthill, Holytown, Mossend and Chapelhall were without water for two days after the supply became infected with an “oily-based substance”.


Water pollution kills 108 in a year.

Contaminated water has claimed 108 lives in the state this year, according to figures stated in the Parliament by Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad.


Water contamination news: New water contaminants – chemicals need to be added to the list that should be controlled.

Universities and the U.S. Geological Survey have noticed that some fish and other aquatic creatures have been developing rather unusual characteristics. For example, the National Geographic News reported in 2004 that a statistically significant study by the USGS found that some bass in the Potomac River had developed testicular as well as ovarian tissues. Yes, the boys could make eggs.

Other studies identified similar problems existing in other rivers around the country. The EPA and other researchers are convinced that chemicals that are not normally sampled or treated are able to pass through our municipal treatment systems and are having the documented impacts.


Contaminated water news: Pennsylvania – methane making an appearance in Pa. water supplies.

Mike and Nancy Leighton’s problems began on May 19, just as Mike was settling in to watch the Preakness Stakes. A neighbor in Leroy Township, Pa., called Mike and told him to check the water well located just outside his front door.

“I said, ‘I’ll be down in 15 minutes.’ I wanted to see the race,” Leighton said. But as the horses were racing, Leighton’s well was overflowing. Typically, there’s between 80 to 100 feet of head space between the top of the well and its water supply. But when Leighton went outside, the water was bubbling over the top.

Down the road, Ted and Gale Franklin’s water well had gone dry. When water started coming out later that week, the liquid was “black as coal,” according to Gale.Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection blames a nearby hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, operation. It says methane gas has leaked out of the well, which is operated by Chesapeake Energy, and into the Leightons’ and Franklins’ water supplies.


Portland, Oregon contaminated drinking water news brief: Portland’s westside tap water is safe to drink, officials say.

Reservoir 3 at Washington Park is drained due to contaminated water problem, although the ban on drinking the water was removed at 8am Sunday. On Monday they will be cleaning the Reservoir 3.

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