Old Gasoline Leak Puts Mora City Water at Risk; MPCA Rests Cleanup Technology

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) will test petroleum cleanup technologies at the former Town & Country Oil site in Mora in an effort to continue preventing contaminants from migrating to nearby city water wells. Gasoline and diesel fuel leaked into the ground at the site, located at the southwest corner of Maple Avenue and Highway 65, some 15 years ago.


Fracking Companies Illegally Injected Diesel Into Oil And Gas Wells, Environmental Survey Finds

U.S. fracking firms have illegally injected diesel fuel into hundreds of oil and gas wells in a dozen states, a new analysis asserts. The study taps into a long-simmering debate among industry, regulators and environmental groups over whether drilling companies should disclose all the chemicals they pump into the ground – or whether they can keep some secret.


Water pollution and research news brief: Groundbreaking research could help Altavista clean up a polluted pond – PCBs promote dendrite growth, may increase autism risk.

For decades, industries dumped polychlorinated biphenyls “PCB‘s” into a pond near the Staunton River. The chemicals have formed a toxic sludge in the water, and Altavista leaders are being forced to clean it up


Contaminated drinking water news. Kettleman City residents face a three-year wait to get healthy drinking water.

Kettleman city receives $8 million to replace town’s water supply, which is laced with cancer-causing arsenic, benzene . Project won’t be finished until 2015.


Fracking news: chemical update: Save the Water™ answers the question: What are the ten scariest chemicals used in fracking?

Ten Scariest Chemicals Used In Hydraulic Fracking, top ten scariest chemicals used in fracking…investigations,have, found fracking to be the common thread in more than 1,000 cases of water contamination across seven states, including dozens of cases of well failures in which the concrete or steel meant to protect aquifers cracked under high pressure.

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