Maryland / Pennsylvania fracking news: Fracking is neither safe nor harmless to the environment.

Fracking problems are now turning to do they cause earthquakes. Hydraulic fracturing and the Marcellus shale have been in the news for sometime now because of petroleum industry and environment clashes. Maryland and Pennsylvania both have major issues with Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay being contaminated with fracking chemical wastewater,. This three article posting covers a few of the states concerns.


Contaminated drinking water news. Kettleman City residents face a three-year wait to get healthy drinking water.

Kettleman city receives $8 million to replace town’s water supply, which is laced with cancer-causing arsenic, benzene . Project won’t be finished until 2015.


Contaminated drinking water. What contaminates it, and how do we learn more.

Contaminated drinking water what contaminates it, and how do we learn more.
It may look okay but looks are deceiving. Drinking contaminated water is now becoming a norm that many just ignore.


Water treatment news: Recycling sewage to drinking water could save city of San Diego money: Study [North County Times]

The city of San Diego could save hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrade and expansion costs for its Point Loma sewage treatment plant, and get more drinking water in the bargain, according to a final draft study given to the city in late May.


Contaminated water and your health: New Wisconsin study on viruses in drinking water could have national impact [Wisconsin State Journal]

A Wisconsin study that shows a connection between viruses in drinking water and human illness is likely to have a national impact and could eventually lead to federal rules requiring treatment of all public water systems, according to experts.

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