Global water contamination news: North Bay, Ontario, Canada – chemical spill – formaldehyde 101 – what are the facts?

Save the Water™ Questions and Answers: Chemical Spill: Formaldehyde 101: What Are Some Of The Facts?


Glbal water contamination news: Water crisis – North Bay Ontario -chemical spill – residents evacuated – driver dead – Contamination rollover on Highway 63.

Water Chemical Spill Crisis In North Bay Ontario Chemical Spill/Residents Evacuated, Driver Dead, In Contamination Rollover On Highway 63


Global water contamination news: Canada water crisis – drinking water fears after formaldehyde chemical spill in North Bay.

Northern Canada Water Crisis: Drinking Water Fears After Chemical Spill in North Bay Ontario.A carcinogen found in embalming agents for human or animal remains.
Ingestion of even one ounce of liquid can cause death. Exposure over a long period of time can cause lung damage and reproductive problems in women.


Save the Water™ Answers what are some of current histories worse water disasters?

The following floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, oil spills, cyclones, and maritime tragedies are among the worst water-related disasters to ever hit the planet. Both natural and man-made, these calamities both destroyed and shaped countries all over the world.

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