Domoic Acid Poses Threat to Marine Communities

Article courtesy of Science Daily and NOAA Headquarters | January 10th, 2017 | Science Daily | Shared as educational material. Pollutant derived domoic acid is increasingly accumulating in shellfish in ocean waters off the coasts of Oregon and Washington. This is threatening the ocean’s food web. Domoic acid, produced by certain types of marine algae, […]


The Dream of Beer Made from Sewage Water is Alive in Portland

Last year, Hillsboro Clean Water Services in Oregon held a competition for home brewers to create beer using 30% sewer water. Now they want to take it to the next level by teaming up with the Oregon Brew Crew to craft beer using only purified sewer water.


How Solar Power Could Provide Clean Drinking Water

Energy accessibility is at the forefront of many governments and companies’ minds are work is underway to bring energy to those without. One company, Oregon’s Puralytics, is using that energy to help bring clean drinking water to third-world countries.

The company gained international attention several years ago with its SolarBag, a device that used solar energy to clean small amounts of contaminated water, making it safe to drink. Now, with the SolarBag in use in 60 countries worldwide, Puralytics is looking to go bigger.


Algae Bloom Tested In Portland’s Willamette River

State officials are testing water from a stretch of the Willamette River near downtown Portland


Group Wants Fluoride Out of Drinking Water

Since the early 1970s, the city of Silverton has added fluoride to its drinking water.

But a group of local residents, led by Clint Simmons of Silverton, are not happy with the practice and would like to put a stop to it.


Mushrooms used to clean up urban streams

The process used by volunteers with the Ocean Blue Project, an ecological restoration nonprofit, is to place mushroom spawn and a mixture of coffee grounds and straw in burlap bags that mushrooms can grow in, and then place the bags so that water entering storm drains will filter through them. The technique is attempting to take advantage of the natural ability of mycelium — the underground part of fungi — to break down toxins like oil and pesticides and metabolize harmful bacteria like E. coli.


City of Portland approves Water Fluoridation

Amid shouts of protest, the Portland City Council voted unanimously Wednesday, in favor of adding fluoride to drinking water to fight tooth decay.


Portland, Oregon contaminated drinking water news brief: Portland’s westside tap water is safe to drink, officials say.

Reservoir 3 at Washington Park is drained due to contaminated water problem, although the ban on drinking the water was removed at 8am Sunday. On Monday they will be cleaning the Reservoir 3.

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