Road Salt Threatens to Salinize North American Freshwater

By Madeline Gressman, Staff Writer for Save the Water™ | May 10, 2017 As springtime thaws the country, many are sighing with relief as frost rescinds and flowers begin to bloom. However, as the snow and ice melt away, few realize the lasting impact the winter season will have on the future of neighboring fresh […]


Chemical Can Alleviate Salt Stress Caused by Fracking

By Hoang-Nam Vu, Staff Writer for Save The Water™ | November 19, 2016 A recent study identified Ferric hexacyanoferrate, or Prussian blue, as a possible solution to brine spills caused by fracking. Fracking as an energy source The global need for energy sources is clear. However, there has been much disagreement over the energy sources […]


Pamelia Residents Near DOT Salt Shed Experience Water Contamination Problems

The town of Orleans is not the only local municipality where residents have suffered from water contamination possibly caused by state Department of Transportation salt storage.


Road Salt Effects Ecosystem and Population Health

A study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene found that chloride concentrations exceeded U.S. Environmental Protection Agency water-quality criteria at 55 percent and 25 percent of the 168 monitoring locations in northern metropolitan areas from November to April.


The Snow Brought out the Salt, Which Caused Montgomery’s Brown Water

The water utility for suburban Maryland said the salt used to treat Washington-area roads and sidewalks during the icy winter probably caused significantly higher levels of sodium chloride in the Potomac River, which provides drinking water for the county.


Road salt getting into New Jersey tap water

To contend with one of the snowiest winters on record – with storm after storm pelting the state – New Jersey has caked its freeways, local streets and country roads in thick, powdery layers of salt.

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