Global water news: Questions and Answers – Can you imagine the travel and tourism business without water ?

Imagine The Travel And Tourism Business Without Water. Water is a prerequisite for life and qualitative water in taps, rivers and oceans a prerequisite for a flourishing tourism industry.


Drinking water news: contaminated water – Are Oklahoma reservoirs unsafe for swimming but okay for drinking !?

Blue-green algae is thriving in Oklahoma’s reservoirs this summer due to the combined factors of high heat, drought, and the resulting stagnant water…BUT YOU CAN DRINK IT?


Contaminated drinking water news: Camp Lejeune drinking water contamination – VA should care for “Lejeune Vets” – lawmakers say.

Key lawmakers are appealing directly to President Obama to get the Veterans Affairs Department to provide free health care to veterans who were exposed to contaminated drinking water at Camp Lejeune during a 30-year span that ended in 1987

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