Water as a Soup of Toxic Chemicals: Recipe for Disaster?

By Frank Ramos, President & Founder, and April Day, Publishing Director for Save The Water™ | October 1, 2018 The Current Regulation of Water Sets Limits Individually for Toxic Chemicals From a chemistry standpoint, the human body is a system that produces small amounts of chemicals intended to generate specific reactions that regulate all bodily […]


Understanding the 2016 Reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act (T.S.C.A)

Written by Swati Meshram, Ph.D., Frank Ramos The 1970s saw a growing awareness of large numbers of chemicals in food and consumer products. The awareness brought to light the concern about the toxicity of these unregulated and untested chemicals coming in contact with humans and the environment. Then the great idea came: let’s regulate and […]


Filling the Gaps: Save the Water Research and the Push for TSCA Reform

An estimated 80,000 chemicals are available for commercial use in the United States and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has only been able to restrict the use of less than 10. It is clear that potentially harmful substances are able to slip through the broken legislation. However, passing a new law that can please everyone will not be an easy task. A mix of issues from all parties involved creates a severe challenge in reforming the TSCA.


The Dangers of Bisphenol S (BPS), a BPA replacement

With the public outcry against BPA growing, many manufactures have abandoned it in favor of Bisphenol S (BPS), a BPA alternative. In 2006, Appleton, the largest manufacturer of thermal papers in North America switched from BPA to BPS. [3] Research has shown that BPS also interferes with the way cells respond to estrogen nearly mimicking BPA. [2] With BPA leaving our daily life and BPS entering, what can be done?

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