Contaminated drinking water. What contaminates it, and how do we learn more.

Contaminated drinking water what contaminates it, and how do we learn more.
It may look okay but looks are deceiving. Drinking contaminated water is now becoming a norm that many just ignore.


Floridians need water education / Water shortages will leave world in dire straits [Seminole Chronicle,USA Today]

We need water education. We need to put the issue into perspective. We need to tell Florida that although 75 percent of Earth is covered in water, less than 3 percent of that is fresh and 70 percent of the fresh water is ice. Then factor in pollution making some water unusable, and don’t forget the irrigation and industry uses. What’s left for human consumption? Less than 0.08 percent. Yet, the general public seems to think that water is a commodity that we will always have at our fingertips.

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