Global water news: Bill Gates funds new machine that ‘Could Turn Sewage Into Drinking Water’

London, Apr 7 : A new invention, which is being funded by Bill Gates, aims to filter toilet waste back into “drinkable” water.

According to Manchester University’s Sarah Haigh, who is an expert in nanotechnology, which is the science of manipulating atoms in matter, it could make waste water from toilets safe to drink.


Contaminated drinking water news: High nitrate levels in drinking water concerning for rural Californians.

A recent report compiled by researchers at UC Davis investigated the safety of drinking water in the Tulare and Salinas Basins. The study was performed in response to state legislation passed in 2008 requiring a detailed examination of nitrate levels in the Tulare Lake Basin, which includes Fresno and Bakersfield, and the Salinas Valley, which includes Salinas and areas near Monterey.


Contaminated drinking water news: Private well owners urged to have water tested.

More than 1 million people residing in more than 400,000 households in Minnesota rely on private wells as their drinking water source. Although wells can provide high quality drinking water, state health officials said most wells are rarely tested on a regular basis for things such as bacteria, arsenic, or nitrate that can make consumers of the well water sick.


What Is Contaminated Water ? CYANIDE In Rocky Creek Dam !

CYANIDE Has Been Detected in Rocky Creek Dam which supplies drinking water to much of the northern rivers.

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